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Welcome to Chisel World!

Latest news:


A small update to Chisel

Chisel 2.1.6 Bug fix release of the main application which allows it to run properly on 68k Macs. If you have a PPC mac and v2.1.5, you don't need to download this.

Recent news:


Chisel World moves to www.chthonic.f9.co.uk, MikeT's new web site, as part of the big-moving-job thingy. Update your bookmarks folks as the old address won't be redirecting forever.


Yet another bug fix update to Wot Dat Tag Do Den? (and the enhanced Chisel download).

Wot Dat Tag Do Den? 1.2.1 fixes a horrible bug in the switch report code that could cause it to output reams of drivel. Sorry folks.

The Enhanced Chisel download has been updated to include this latest version of Wot Dat Tag Do Den?.


Updates to Texture Munger, Wot Dat Tag Do Den? and the enhanced Chisel download.

Texture Munger 1.0.2 Bug fix release that can cope with existing Undo files and single texture set mapping files.
Wot Dat Tag Do Den? 1.2 Now reports #TAG sections in terminals and can list the function of every switch on a map.

The Enhanced Chisel download has been updated to include the latest versions of Wot Dat Tag Do Den? and Texture Munger, as well as including the correct versions of Better Move and Stretch (for some reason old versions were included).


A brand new effect and an update to Chisel.

PLATformer 1.0 From Jason Harper. Lets you muck about with platforms and create amazing new effects.
Chisel 2.1.5 Bug fix release of the main application to fix problems that PLATformer threw up.


Three NEW effects and three updated effects.

Annotator 1.0 Lets you muck about with map annotations.
Monster Converter 1.0 Primarily for M1 conversions - fixes monster types in a map so that they show up in the motion detector properly.
Polygon Converter 1.0 Again, primarily for M1 conversions - fixes polygon types that Forge mis-imports.
Better Move 2.2 Bug fix release of my map mover that moves platforms correctly.
Merge 1.1 Bug fix of the ever-useful map combiner that fixes mirroring.
Poseidon 1.1 Bug fix of the map inverter that fixes mirroring amongst other things.


New version of Chisel. (bugfix release)

Chisel 2.1.4 fixes the 'Why do my files get smaller when they go through Chisel?' bug. Answer - Chisel wasn't copying the resource fork of the map. This version fixes the problem and another user-interface problem with an up-coming effect.

I've also added details of my current projects to the links page. OK, so it is Quake-based... I'm human.

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