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Chisel Download Centre

Starting with v2.1.5, Chisel is being distributed slightly differently. The 'solo' version contains just the application and its readme file. The 'enhanced' version contains the application and the latest version of every effect available for Chisel at the time. As new effects come out, I'll update the enhanced version to contain them.

The Enhanced Chisel download has been updated to include the latest versions of Wot Dat Tag Do Den? and Texture Munger, as well as including the correct versions of Better Move and Stretch (for some reason old versions were included).

The programming kit comes with all the files you will need to code effects in Pascal (with Think Pascal) or C (with Codewarrior). The Pascal kit is more extensively documented, and includes a shell for testing effects outside Chisel using Think Pascal's excellent Debugger. Both come with the source code for sample effects, the C kit has the original Move effect, the Pascal kit has the code for Better Move 2.2

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