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Wot dat tag do den? 1.2.1

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May 31, 2000


Wot Dat Tag Do Den? is an effect for use with Chisel 2.0 or later that can output really useful information about the tags and switches in any Marathon 2 or Infinity map. This allows you to quickly and easily discover how a third party map works, as well as discover which tags aren't being used yet. It was written to get my head around some maps that Hamish Sanderson sent me and is incredibly useful for group map projects so everyone knows what is going on. It can also be useful for finding out what tag numbers are being used after merging two maps with my Merge effect: tags are remapped to prevent conflicts which is all very well, but afterwards you have no idea what tag numbers to use.

Version History

Wot Dat Tag Do Den? 1.2.1
A serious bug in the switch report code meant that it could occasionally output reams of drivel. This is now fixed. Apologies for the number of releases that this effect seems to be generating.

Wot Dat Tag Do Den? 1.2
Fixes a couple of bugs that were pretty obscure.
Adds support for #TAG sections in terminals as requested by Aaron Davies.
Adds the code for tracing switch, terminal and pattern buffer actions that I'd left half done (and not accessible) in the previous versions.

Wot Dat Tag Do Den? 1.1.1
Fixes a small bug that prevents the effect overwriting an existing Tag report.

Wot Dat Tag Do Den? 1.1
Removed the level parameter since this is broken in pre-v2.1 Chisel and not used in post v2.1 Chisel.
Fixed the code so it can find platforms properly in Merged maps.

Wot Dat Tag Do Den? 1.0
First version to work.

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