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Marathon Stuff

My one and only solo scenario Gemini Station is still available.

I also have some other maps for download that test out ideas:

  • Lift Test 6K NEW - A test map that exploits a new Chisel effect that is in production. This open sided lift is just one of the things it can do... This map is totally indebted to the amazing map hacking of Jason Harper.
  • Love That Curve Ball 16K - A room with flying energy bolts orbiting around it. Achieved with several invisible monsters, and persistant and virulent shots. This is only a test to see if the idea worked (and it does) using standard Infinity textures/shapes. It was going to be used in the main reactor in Trojan Legacy. The bolts cause the player damage as well as looking pretty, so you have to be careful where you go.
  • Laser Maze 4K - A puzzle room. The object is to retrieve the chip from the room without passing through a lit doorway. Tripping the alarm will lock you in so be careful where you step. This was mostly to work out the particular combination of platforms necessary to create polygons that could trigger an event only when they are switched 'on'.

For other marathon stuff, just go here - I can't compete with this sort of effort :)

Other Stuff

Believe it or not I do do other things... a long time ago I released a small freeware application called SoundShapes.

NEWMy latest job involves making architectural walkthroughs using Quake2 - this paper (PDF) describes the project and has some images from an early walkthrough model. More recent screenshots: exterior JPEG 45K, typical office JPEG 36K.

You can also catch up on my PhD work courtesy of this fantastic page complete with a wordy (and worthy) explanation of what it is I'm trying to do. Well sort of. It has a nice picture on it anyway.

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