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Better Move Level 2.2 UPDATED

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November 30, 1999


Distributed with previous versions of Chisel is an effect called 'Move Level' This effect has at least one bug at the time of writing (it doesn't move objects correctly) and doesn't offset the media, map annotations and floor and ceiling textures at all. Enter 'Better Move Level' which fixes the bug, and moves all the extra bits for free :)

Better Move Level is now distributed with Chisel as of version 2.1. If you have downloaded Chisel 2.1.5 from this site, you don't need to get this again.

Version History

Better Move Level 2.2
Moves platforms (something previous versions just ignored) and fixes a number of bugs:
In some circumstances media could 'wrap around' the coordinate system and thus dissappear or completely flood a level. This has been fixed.
A nasty typo meant that levels with map annotations were somewhat overzealously checked (roughly 10 million too many checks!), resulting in the enormously long start up times for the effect that were noted (but not understood) below and, most importantly, the inability to move levels around by very much in the X and Y directions.
Applying the effect more than once when using Chisel 2.1 or greater caused the parameter checking to get completely confused. Again, this has been fixed.

Better Move Level 2.1
Adds interactive parameter checking when used with Chisel 2.1. Please note that when chiselling large levels, there may be a delay of a few seconds when selecting this effect under Chisel 2.1. The effect is doing some extensive error checking. (err, no - see above (-: )

Better Move Level 1.0
First version.

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