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Texture Munger 1.0.2

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May 24, 2000


Texture Munger is an effect for use with Chisel 2.0 or later that can remap the textures in any Marathon 2 or Infinity map to any other set (or sets) of wall textures. It works on unmerged maps, but maps split into two texture sets are not editable in Forge and usually require specific tweaks to the physics model, so it works better on merged maps. This effect was written specifically for the Trojan-Legacy project which uses two texture sets per map and may not be terribly useful for public consumption. However, it will quite happily map textures to a single set and so can be used for moving maps between texture sets.

The Trojan-Legacy maps were made by using two shapes file, a large development file and a much smaller public file. For example: Into The Cathedral of Light uses textures from both set 0 (water) and set 4 (pfhor). The development shapes file has all these textures in one big set 0 so that Forge can edit the maps. The Texture Munger then alters the map so that it refers to both set 0 and 4 for use with the public shapes file. To accomplish this it uses a script file to tell it which set each texture should map to, as well as how to remap scenery objects, control panels and media. Using two sets like this means that you can quite legitimately use two different media in one map, scenery from either of the associated scenery files and even switches, terminals and rechargers from either set. As you have probably guessed this is not for the faint hearted, and so we now issue a...

*** WARNING ***
It is perfectly possible to crash Marathon hard using this effect. Although the Texture Munger will do its best to ensure that all textures and scenery objects that it alters remain valid, it depends on sensible information to start with. If you remap to two texture sets and remove the physics tweak that loads the other set, the map will crash with a type 11 error as soon as you look at the missing texture. Mistakes in the script file you feed into the Texture Munger will often be ignored if they are truly nonsensical, but others will cause bad texture references since there is no way for the program to determine the actual number of textures available in the destination sets.

Version History

Texture Munger 1.0.2
Fixes a problem overwriting existing UNDO files.
Fixes a reading mapping files that only specify one texture set.

Texture Munger 1.0.1
Not sure what I fixed in this version. Never widely distributed I think, possibly it was distributed as v1.0.

Texture Munger 1.0
First version. Written especially for the Trojan-Legacy project to produce the final public map file.

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