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Stretch 3.0

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June 29, 1999


Stretch is an effect for use with Chisel 2.0 or later that can stretch and mirror the texture on any Marathon 2 or Infinity map's walls and change the way that map lines show up on the automap. It only works on maps that have been merged by Forge, as its alterations are removed by the merging process.

Version History

Stretch 3.0
Added map line alteration. This is based on some excellent work by Jason Harper, thanks Jason! I think this justifies the big jump in version number.

Stretch 2.1
Added parameter checking and interface refinements that work with Chisel 2.1 or greater.

Stretch 1.2
Cleaned up the interface, allowing stretching by percentage as well as by absolute length.
Added scripting for Hamish Sanderson's benefit.
Added limited texture fixing. Works only when textures are mirrored and not stretched in any way, again for Hamish's benefit.

Stretch 1.1
Added a checkbox to allow texture mirroring without having to type in negative numbers, and to make it more obvious that you can do this.

Stretch 1.0
First version.

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