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PLATformer 1.0 NEW

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February 28, 2000


PLATformer is an effect for use with Chisel 2.1 or later that can produce platform behaviours not possible with Forge. It only works on maps that have been merged by Forge, as its alterations are removed by the merging process. You must use Chisel 2.1 or later to apply this effect, preferably v2.1.5 or higher as this has had some alterations made specifically to support this effect.

This effect was originally written by Jason Harper and has had some subsequent alterations to the interface made by Mike T. Mike's also added a scripting interface to make it a bit easier to use repeatedly.


PLATformer can only operate on a merged map file: unmerged maps store platform information in a simpler format that doesn't allow the modifications that PLATformer can apply. This unfortunately means that you will have to reapply all PLATformer effects every time you edit and merge the map again.

You can't even use Forge to test the platforms after merging: when Forge loads a merged map file, it converts all platforms back to the static form used in unmerged maps, thus losing all PLATformer effects.

Version History

PLATformer 1.0
First version.

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