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a [Marathon] map making tool


Write Rotator File 1.0

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December 2, 1997


Write Rotator File is an effect for use with Chisel 2.0 or later that can output any Marathon 2 or Infinity map in the format used by the Freeware program Rotator. This allows you to view any map as a three dimensional wire frame model, somewhat similar to the map used by Descent. It was written to produce a few terminal images and animations quickly, but mostly for the fun of it.


Rotator is a freeware application by Craig Kloeden. It is an extremely fast three dimensional wireframe viewer capable of displaying many thousands of lines per second on a PowerMac. It can be obtained from the official Rotator ftp site at ftp://raru.adelaide.edu.au/rotater

Version History

Write Rotator File 1.0a2
First version to work. Note that this is not a feature complete version.

[Addendum: take a look at Loren Petrich's Marathon Map Exporter which has far surpassed what this effect can or was intended to do. I have stopped development on this effect in the light of this excellent program. Not that this effect is not useful, but... MikeT 3rd September 1998]

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