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Poseidon 1.1

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December 2, 1999


Posiedon is an effect for use with Chisel 2.0 or later that can flip your Marathon 2 or Infinity map by any of the X, Y or Z axes. It is named after the 70s disaster movie that inspired it.

Using Poseidon

Check any of Flip X, Y or Z to mirror across that axis. Flipping X and Y rotates the level 180 degrees - so you won't see much difference apart from the AutoMap being upside down. Flipping Z and X or Z and Y has the desired Poseidon Adventure effect. Flipping all three is perceptually the same as flipping just Z.

Flipping the Z axis does have a few side effects.

  1. monsters are stuck to the ceiling, and you can't get at your ammunition. This is why Z flipping of monsters and ammunition/weapons is an option. Regardless of this setting, scenery objects will flip if they are naturally fixed to the floor or ceiling - lights, trash cans etc. The rest will stay where they were - ending up on what was originally the ceiling. Players, sounds and goal points are never affected.
  2. all media start smearing. Since there is no way to stick a medium to the ceiling, something must be done and you have plenty of options. You can choose whether to flip the media or not - not flipping can cause fewer problems due to less media ending up in the space occupied by the level. You can choose to remove all media, which will always work (note that this merely sets all polygons to media type NONE - the media definitions are still there), or finally you can choose to flood the level. Flooding extends each medium until it reaches an edge over which it cannot pass, or another medium. Poseidon will warn you if two out of phase media end up touching - expect some or lots of smearing in this case.
For media that hurt the player I tend to set it to not flip or even remove the media, for water and sewage, flip or don't flip as the fancy takes you and set it to flood for the full Poseidon experience. All you need now is a flared safari suit and a christmas tree to climb up.

Version History

Poseidon 1.1
Fixes numerous small bugs:
Platforms marked as 'Autocalc Min/Max height' in Forge are no longer broken
A potential bug involving mirrored lines in the map has been fixed
A problem with the way polygons are flipped has been fixed
Sound objects whose volume is controlled by a light are no longer destroyed on flipping the X or Y axis.
Basic (very basic) parameter checking has been added under version 2.1 or greater of Chisel (you can't choose to remove media and flood the level).

Poseidon 1.0
First version.

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