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Media Munger 1.0

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September 26, 1997


Media Munger is an effect for use with Chisel 2.0 or later that can remap the media in any Marathon 2 or Infinity map to any of the types available. It works on unmerged maps, but its alterations are removed by the merging process, so simply reapply to the merged map.

*** WARNING ***
It is perfectly possible to crash Marathon hard using this effect. Each media type references a specific medium texture (from the various wall collections) - if you can see the surface of a medium, then you must have that wall texture collection loaded. Similarly, the splash effects played when you fire into a medium/enter it are in the scenery collections - if you fire into a medium you must have these loaded as well. It is possible to convince Marathon to load the extra wall and scenery collections using custom monsters and physics model changes at the cost of huge amounts of memory, but the rules come down to:

  • The default medium (one that goes with you level's textures) can be seen, swum in and fired into.
  • Loading extra wall textures allows other media to be seen.
  • Loading extra scenery collections allows other media to be splashed in.
  • ithout loading either of these, other media can still be used as long as they go from floor to ceiling of any polygons they are in.

Be aware that Medium 15 has been known to revert to 9WU high Water when saving games - I recommend only using 0-14 for your maps.

Version History

Media Munger 1.0
First version.

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