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Make Geometry 1.0

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July 11, 1997


Make Geometry is a simple application that converts graphics files to Geometry files. At the moment it will only convert object based PICT files. In the future it will tackle the horrors of DXF.
Note that this is a stand alone application, and doesn't require Chisel to run

Geometry Files

The Geometry File format is a simple list of interconnected points in text format. There should be a detailed description of the format accompanying this effect. It is designed to be a simple interchange format between PICT, DXF etc and the Place Geometry effect. Why not read PICT and other formats directly? Every application seems to write PICT and DXF differently. Some generate huge numbers of lines, others masses of proprietary tags. The image is in there somewhere, but you can't easily open up the format to edit it. Geometry is text based to allow this. Using Geometry files also allows other people to write converters for their favourite format, or script their application to dump out a drawing as a Geometry file. Supplied with this program are its counterparts, Save and Place Geometry, which convert maps to Geometry and place Geometry back into maps.

Version history

Make Geometry 1.0
First version.

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