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Fix Alien Ammo 1.1

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July 24, 1998


Fix Alien Ammo is an effect for use with Chisel 2.0 or later that does one thing really well - allow you to set how many alien ammo objects appear in a map. It seems Forge is hardwired to ignore these even if you can convince it to place them. YUCK. It was written for Bill Catambay especially for the Excalibur - Morgana's Revenge project, a fine product from the MMMG.

Version History

Fix Alien Ammo 1.1
Changed the functionality a little, now adds objects if necessary. Works fine with me but previous version was reported to miss existing ammo objects. I have not been able to reproduce this.

Fix Alien Ammo 1.0
First version. This has little error checking beyond confirming chunks exist :) Since I don't have an EMR map handy, I can't even check that this really works properly (but it should).
BTW if you want to call the 'alien ammo' something else ('Magic Scroll' comes to mind) then change string number 1 of STR#4000.

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