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Better Cleanup 1.0.1

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December 10, 1997


Distributed with previous versions of Chisel is an effect called 'Cleanup.' This effect has at least one bug at the time of writing: whilst it removes the correct number of lights from the map, the lights left behind are not the correct ones, merely the first lights in the map. This means that it only works correctly if the last lights in the map are removed. Enter 'Better Move Level' which fixes the bug, and adds two new features:)

As of Chisel 2.1, this effect replaces the original Cleanup effect. If you have downloaded Chisel 2.1.1 from this site, you don't need to get this again.

Better Cleanup Parameters

Check the boxes for the entities you wish to remove from the map. Those marked with an asterisk are additional features not found in Cleanup.

  • Media: keeps only media placed in a polygon.
  • Lights: keeps only lights placed on a floor, ceiling or wall, used as tide parameters for a medium, or used as a volume parameter for a sound object.
  • *Lights 0-20 are special: forces lights 0 to 20 to be retained regardless of whether they are used or not. This can be useful if you are cleaning up a map before using it with the Merge effect, or are going to continue working on the map and want to retain the standard Forge lights.
  • Ambient Sounds: keeps only sounds placed in a polygon.
  • Random Sounds: keeps only sounds placed in a polygon.
  • *Lines and Points: keeps only lines that form part of a filled polygon. Whilst you can easily delete lines in Forge, and may want to retain lines used for constuction or messages, this is a quick and easy way to remove all extraneous stuff from a map before using it with the Merge effect.

Version History

Better Cleanup 1.0.1
Fixes stupid bug that meant that light switches were not updated to reflect the removal of any lights, leaving them controlling the wrong light.

Better Cleanup 1.0
First version.

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