G E M I N I   S T A T I O N


Bob says as if the enormous image on the previous page wasn't warning enough, be prepared for a big download.

UK site: (chthonic.f9.co.uk, ftp.arct.cam.ac.uk)

US site: (archives.bungie.org)

Version 1.0, for Marathon 2: (archives.bungie.org)

A solo Marathon Infinity scenario

First two original levels made with Phorte 2.0a14
Subsequently retextured and expanded for Infinity using Forge 1.02, Anvil 1.02, Hex 1.02, Chisel 2.01, Shapes Juggler 1.0 and a large stick when Anvil crashed again.
Graphics 1996,7 Chthonic Ionic Software with exception of terminal logo and background of the Gemini promotional shot which were borrowed from Bungie Software. Apologies to them...

Contains 12 levels, and 2 endings. You may not see them all, and some are quite short :)
Final merge 3rd July 1997.


Things have been quiet on Earth for decades after the original Pfhor attack on the Marathon, so much so that most of the UESC fleet has been disbanded. You have been in stasis for years with no real role to play in human affairs any more. And then a recently de-militarised scout ship Hermes announces that he has negotiated a peace treaty with the Pfhor...

This scenario started production since, oooh, June 96. It seems only yesterday I thought, well why not spend a few weeks indulging myself in making a groovy scenario that looks really nice. Gemini 1.0 was released to lots of interest in July 1996, and I had a deluge of email wanting more. Putting it off because of pressing PhD commitments, it was only when Infinity came out that I returned to work on the story. The original levels are still in there, so if you don't want to do them again command-option start at level 3. I put a few weapons at this point to give you a chance, but you'll have significantly less ammunition than if you play through from the start. At least watch the opening splash graphics :)

Design feedback and Beta Testing

  • Michael O'Brien
  • FM
  • Claude Errara
  • Tim Weigand
  • James Campbell
  • Hamish Sanderson

Mike Trinder
3rd July 1997